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Jewelry Appraisals


We are members of GIA (Gemological Institute of America), JA (Jewelers of America), JSA (Jewelers Security Alliance). Our staff is trained by both GIA and AGS. Milkins Jewelers was recently honored by Jewelers of America and The Michigan Retailers Association as a Centennial Retail Jeweler. Therefore, you can be assured that our jewelry appraisal costs are unbiased and 100% accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Certified Appraisals
We have decades of experience in the jewelry business and jewelry appraisal services. We only provide accurate and fair estimates on costs.

Detailed Appraisal Documentation
We accurately document and determine the current market value of diamonds, gemstones, antiques, and all types of jewelry—no matter what their age. View our expert sample reports and you will see that we are thorough and precise in all our reporting.

Current Appraisal Values
We will determine the current market value of your ring, earring, diamond, or precious diamond. You can submit the cost to your insurance company which will protect you in case of loss, theft, or severe damage. You can watch by our side as we appraise it right in our Monroe store.

When should you get your jewelry appraised?

Keep in mind that love and/or diamonds might be forever, but appraisals are not. There is a time limit set for appraisals of all jewelry such as wedding rings, gold, cherished necklaces, and bracelets. The definition of an appraisal if a professional estimate of a jewelry’s value at the time the report was written. The time frame is usually two to three years. Here are common reasons you should consider getting your jewelry appraised by Milkins Jewelers in Monroe, Michigan:
  1. If you’re is remounting a stone or modifying an item, thus significantly altering its original design and value
  2. If an insurance company needs up to date information as to condition and value
  3. If the marketplace is fluctuating greatly and plan on selling in the future. It will help you determine when is the best time to sell
  4. Divorce or estate settlement
  5. If you plan on changing insurance companies
  6. If you plan on gifting jewelry
  7. If you plan on putting jewelry in trust
  8. If there is a dispute between jewelry owners
  9. If after inspection, the item proves to be liable to damage or subject to unnecessary risk
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