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Michigan Custom Jewelry Design

Milkins Jewelers of Monroe, Michigan understands that every customer looks for something unique in their jewelry. That is why we offer custom jewelry design services for those that live in the surrounding areas of Ann Arbor, MI and Toledo, OH. Many of our customers comment that they are tired of wasting time looking for the perfect set of jewelry. Imagine if you could work with one of our custom jewelry designers and get a diamond ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace that you dreamed of!

As you browse any jewelry store, there may be many pieces of jewelry that catches your eye. However, custom jewelry designs allows us to design jewelry that matches your unique personality, likes and dislikes, special occasion and stories. While a diamond ring may be beautiful, imagine that diamond ring with a personalized message. Custom designed jewelry can be perfect for wedding or anniversary gifts or just to show someone that you care.

Did you know jewelry can capture your emotional story?

It might sound hard to believe, but well designed custom jewelry can capture anyone’s life story – as shown in the example below.

This piece was made for a customer that had just lost her husband. She wanted to crest something in remembrance and fell in love with a design drawn by Burdett incorporating this beautiful pink spinel, cut by John Dyer. As tingles went through her body she walked out of our store with tears of joy, holding with her the power of love itself on her finger and within her heart. What story do you want your jewelry design to tell?

Get jewelry custom designed to match your unique vision!

With so many colors, shapes, cuts and glamour properties, why settle for pre-manufactured jewelry designs? Make it truly unique and unforgettable!
See our gallery of custom jewelry below – designed by Michigan’s Award Winning Designer – Burdett Milkins!


Our custom designs often start with the stroke of a pencil and special tools. The end result is truly magical.

Jewelry comes in many shapes, colors and sizes. Let us make your ideas of the perfect jewelry design a reality. We believe jewelry designs are limitless…

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