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Magick Jewelry in Monroe, MI

Magick's jewelry collections feature 24k gold cloisonné gems set in 14k and 18k gold with diamonds and natural gemstones. Cloisonné is an enameling technique using thin, flat wires to form a design. Magick cloisonné uses 24k gold wires, individually cut and meticulously bent with tweezers. The wires are fused to a fine silver disk that is engraved to reflect light. Using magnifiers, each “cell” (cloison in French) created by those wires is filled with different colors of enamel to create a shaded effect. The color is thus built up in many thin layers – each layer being fired in a 1450° F kiln until it reaches its melting point and fuses to the previous layer. The resulting gem is cut, polished and set in gold.



The Significance of Magick Jewelry


Each piece of Magick jewelry is carefully hand made to express the beauty and vitality of life. Magick jewelry has been well known to be decorative, protective and even empowering. Some believe that Magick jewelry carry the energy of a spell or ritual within them. 

Visit our jewelry store in Monroe, Michigan to learn more about our collection of Magick jewelry.

Magick jewelry also available to the areas surrounding Monroe, Downriver, Detroit, Woodhaven, Taylor, Ann Arbor, Flint and Toledo, OH.

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