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Lake Erie Beach Stone Jewelry in Monroe, MI

Beach Stones™ are designed in Monroe, Michigan By Burdett A. Milkins , Personal Jewelers Since 1905.  The BeachStones™ Collection was created from the enjoyment of skipping stone’s on a beautiful day with family and friends on the beaches of the Great Lake, Lake Erie, USA & Canada. Each BeachStone™ is hand made with a natural beach stone, diamonds and sapphires. Hand fabricated from silver, gold or platinum and hung on a natural piece of leather. Our collection of Lake Erie’s Beach Stone jewelry are natural treasures and are made with love. 


Are you looking to buy a Special Gift for Someone?
Do They Know Life’s Lessons?
Answer Honestly – Yes or No

  1. Is your Friend or Family Member true to his/her word and respectful to others daily?
  2. Is your Friend or Family Member ever affected easily by the actions of others or take things personally?
  3. Does your Friend or Family Member ever make assumptions about other people or thought they knew something about someone, but found out they were wrong?


How Did You Do?

  1. Yes –The Truth in your words are who you are. Don’t use evil words to talk within conversations because they may spread wrong ideas about other people or who you really are. Use ‘Kind’ words to direct your meanings about yourself and find happiness.
  2. No – How others act has nothing to do with you. People that act ‘UnKind’ is from ‘their’ personal realities. Do not be a victim affected by others poor actions. Be immune from opinions & avoid pointless suffering.
  3. No – Always ask questions to find the truth within us. Speak clearly & ‘Kindly’ correspond with others to steer clear of misunderstandings, depression & hullabaloo.
  4. Yes – Your best is going to change each day depending on your physical health. Under all conditions, simply do your best. Your best will help to avoid self-judgment, personal misunderstanding, regret & remorse.


You have been ‘Gift Tested’ for the wearable enjoyment of an official BeachStone™.   You were honored with this gift because a family member or friend answered these ‘Life Lessons’ honestly and you were ‘Gift Tested’ as a Superlative Social person! Because of your exceptional views towards life and others around, you were honored with this BeachStone™.  Share your ‘Life Rules’ with your friends & family daily so your surroundings will continue to transform your future into happiness. Enjoy your own BeachStone™.


BeachStones jewelery available in Monroe, Downriver, Detroit, Woodhaven, Taylor, Ann Arbor, Flint and Toledo, OH.

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