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Jewelry Designers Featured At Milkins Jewelers In Monroe, MI

Burdett A. Milkins (BAM)

BAM Designs Logo

BAM Designs consists of a geometric collage of jewelry expressing themes of joy, freedom, rhythm and movement. Unusual and traditional calibrated gemstones play an important role within the present and future creations of playful jewelry throughout BAM Designs.


When Burdett A. Milkins started his journey into the jewelry industry field, his main goal was to design new creations. In the beginning, one-of-a-kind gems allowed Burdett to break norms and express new ideas with optics, gem setting, movement and color use. Using one-of-a-kind gemstones pushed Burdett into a simplistic but playful area within design. This push helped create his first collection of jewelry, The Treasure Box Collection™ – a making of playful geometric forms that hang freely on a snake chain and use any geometric shape, size or combination of gemstones in one design.

Other designs then emerged from this viewpoint in design – The Disc Collection™, Air Rings, Slices and the newest creation, The Boundries Collection™ – a playful compilation of metal, gemstones and contrasting geometric forms. This new concept of setting gems in a bezel-style setting has opened new avenues for BAM Designs. Avenues creating a full new line of jewelry consisting of pendants, bracelets, bangles, pins, earrings, and rings. There are no limits to design.


Martin Flyer

Martin Flyer Logo

Located in the heart of New York City's Diamond district, Martin Flyer has been designing fine diamond jewelry for over 55 years – classic styles that you will love forever. Currently a third generation business, their goal is still the same: to provide their customers with a quality product, at competitive prices, and first class service.

Designs by Martin Flyer is known throughout the industry as a quality maker of fine semi-mounts that has found its niche in bridal jewelry. Martin Flyer began a manufacturing firm specializing in fine diamond jewelry that would continue to advance and thrive through three generations. Originally Martin Flyer was located on Canal Street in New York City, Martin Flyer has since relocated to the diamond district on 48th Street and has remained there for the past 20 years.

As the company grows, so do their strengths in other areas as well. Designs by Martin Flyer has become a leader in platinum jewelry, focusing on timeless, classic styles. Such styles include four prong and semi-bezel diamond line bracelets, three stone semi-mounts of all shapes (including our one, two, and three tapered baguette semi-mounts with strong sturdy shanks and hand crafted heads of all sizes), as well as eternity bands and other classics to match our semi-mounts. Plus earrings and necklaces in a variety of classic styles.

Platinum three-stone rings in the new Bridal Collection by Designs by Martin Flyer feature squares, emerald cuts and ovals that will appeal to today’s most sophisticated customers. The company, known for its bridal designs, offers engagement rings, wedding bands and wedding sets as well as three-stone rings in the new collection.

They have a nationwide sales staff dedicated to serving their customers, as well as a full service factory at their New York headquarters. The superior quality of their product, combined with the ability to quickly fill a stock order or create a custom design in just a few days, is what makes Martin Flyer unique. To learn more about the Martin Flyer family, those working behind the scenes to bring you classic styles, a high quality product, and excellent service.


Christian Bauer

Chrisitan Bauer Logo

In 1858,   Christian Bauer was born. He    was a weaver's and butcher's son and was raised in Welzheim. Christian Bauer married in Karoline, nee Foll in 1879. Two sons and two daughters descended, Karl (born 1886), Friedrich (born 1888), Lina (born 1879) and Julie (born 1892). By 1880, the formation of Christian Bauer company had begun. Karl Bauer and Friedrich Bauer began to work in their father's business. Karl worked as a goldsmith while Friedrich handled matters of staff and business. Friedrich Bauer married and had two daughters, Elise and Elfriede. The Christian Bauer company then celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1930. Friedrich Bauer was assisted in matters of staff and business by his daughter Elise. Elfriede, the younger daughter, joined the business too. Elise and Elfriede both marry in 1948. The sons-in-law, Julius Keller and Helmut Hutt, were members of the trade and had been with the company for years. They contributed new ideas and pioneering spirit. The 75th anniversary was celebrated in the presence of the Baden-Wurttemberg prime minister in 1955. This coincided with Friedrich Bauer's 45th anniversary of his work with the company. The grandchildren of Friedrich Bauer, Eva, Rosemarie and Roland became members of the company in 1975. They celebrated the 100th anniversary of Christian Bauer in 1980 with 500 people presently working for the company. In 1988, the company spread its distribution to the United States.


Richard Krementz Gemstones

Richard Krementz Logo

For over 130 years, the Krementz family has been foremost among America's fine jewelry manufacturers. Newark, New Jersey has been a major jewelry manufacturing center since the early 19th century. It  was in this city that George Krementz began manufacturing karat gold jewelry for men and women in 1866. With fine dress sets for men and beautiful pins, necklaces and earrings for women, Krementz Jewelry soon became a tradition of excellence and quality. A line of costume jewelry was later added to the Krementz collection, manufactured as impeccably as its karat gold counterpart.

Krementz adapted effortlessly to the changing fashions and styles through the years, remaining a premier jewelry manufacturer. A look through the archives reveals pieces that are clearly art nouveau, art deco as well as other distinct styles.

By the 1970s, the Krementz umbrella covered many collections: overlay (costume) jewelry, wedding rings, 14 karat fashion jewelry, 14 karat religious jewelry, 18 karat diamond jewelry, and platinum and 18 karat colored gemstone jewelry.

Today, the Krementz family still manufactures in Newark under the name Richard Krementz Gemstones. They decided to no longer participate in the costume jewelry business, and sold the overlay collection, along with the religious jewelry collection in 1997. Essentially, they have gone back to their roots, streamlining their production to only 18 karat and platinum jewelry. Although times and styles have changed, the legacy that began with George Krementz in 1866 is perhaps more distinct than ever, because each piece of jewelry today is created with uncompromised quality and superior craftsmanship.

Today, Richard Krementz Jr. and Richard Krementz III, the founder's grandson and great grandson, continue their family's fine art of jewelry making. It is truly a specialized craft, a delicate balance of design, gemstones and precious metals.

There are many jewelry manufacturers in the world, but only a handful can truly create masterpieces of timeless beauty and graceful precision as Richard Krementz Gemstones. Richard Krementz Gemstones has two very distinct collections: colored gemstone jewelry and bridal jewelry, both in 18 karat and platinum.


Paul Klecka

Paul Klecka Logo

Paul Klecka hits the mark of what today's fashionable consumer is seeking … clean simple lines infused with fashion and innovation.

Paul Klecka is the founder and president of Paul Klecka Inc., a jewelry design firm focused on innovative lifestyle concepts.  His work has been editorialized in numerous trade publications in both North America and internationally.  Beginning his career with a variety of retail jewelry sales positions, Klecka eventually realized his goal of creating a retail environment for his imaginative work, and found success providing custom design and manufacturing services to a select clientele of Chicago customers and local retailers.

Utilizing his DeBeers and AGTA winners as a catalyst for developing new collections has proven to be a successful strategy for Paul Klecka.  He describes his Mirage Collection as a study of reflected light.  "Gold and platinum are metals which are unrivaled for their reflective properties.  Diamond, being a colorless material, depends on the successful internal refraction of light for its brilliance and beauty.  The creative interplay between these materials is what makes my Mirage work singular.", says Paul.

Simplicity and visual impact characterize the Floater® Collection … the ultimate presentation of the solitaire diamond.  "My focus is to amplify the center stone by reducing the surrounding metal to the absolute minimum.  This reduction creates a powerful emphasis that frames and formalizes the look and increases the diamond's apparent size and brilliance.", Paul adds.

Sequence Floater® extends the original Floater® Collection.  "Each line of diamonds appears to mysteriously float, secured between delicate yet durable prongs of platinum.  The effect is one of brilliant and animated scintillation.  This direction offers and expanded range of choices to the Paul Klecka collector."

Combining a disciplined use of precious metals, simplicity of detail, and the subtlety of reflective surfaces, Paul Klecka creates winning and wearable jewels that are destined to become classics.


Novell Design Studio

Novell Design Studio Logo
Novell Design Studio  Choosing wedding jewelry can seem daunting. What you select has deep symbolic significance: The rings represent enduring love and commitment. They are also pieces of jewelry—accessories that you will wear for the rest of your life.

So when you make a selection, you will want the confidence of knowing the creator of your rings understands the importance of your choice.

Novell Design Studio has a reputation as a distinguished leader in the bridal jewelry industry for its long-term dedication to craft and quality and its unique relationship with you, the consumer.

Novell owners Victor Novogrodzky and Bruce Pucciarello share over fifty years in working with fine bridal jewelry; it is their personal passion. They were pioneers in bringing platinum back to bridal jewelry in new modern forms—a trend that has become a modern tradition. Today they still design almost all the rings they produce—and they approach their art with a seriousness of purpose that is appropriate for something so deeply meaningful. They listen to their customers, and their distinctive and beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands often reflect what they have learned from people like you. They also specialize in customizing their designs to suit your particular taste and needs.

Novell's company motto is "Follow your heart", for that is exactly what Bruce and Victor want you to do when you make your jewelry choice. It's what they do every day.

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